Google want to give us FREE Wifi!



Are going to give us all FREE Wifi by the looks of it starting with a trial in New York & we here at WeBuyAnyElectronics think its great!

After the trial period in New York the internet giants plan to expand this service worldwide. They have even gone as far to set up a company specifically dedicated to the task called ‘SideWalk Labs’

How do they plan on doing this you ask?-

Google have had the genius idea of converting 10,000 of New Yorks old phone boxes into WiFi pylons which are also set to include phone charging docks.


Everyone is so stuck is waiting for the 80s proclaimed future they are yet to realise that we’re living in it right now, minus flying cars of course..

One thing is for sure, it beats buying an overpriced coffee for a ridiculously slow internet connection..


Whats your opinion on this?

Do Google own to much of the internet?

Is it dangerous for one corporation to be in so much control?

Let us know in the comments what you think!

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