This dating App exposes cheaters by Social Media


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 15.19.43Cheaters do deserve to be exposed but is this really good for business?

Dating App ‘Hinge’ have taken he moral high ground and have decided to display users Facebook relationship statuses.

Is this bad for business or does it set them apart from the competition?

Hinge openly brand themselves as a ‘trusted place’ to meet single people & they’re living up to their name by enforcing this new law.

It is likely they will now loose their 1.6% of married users and 2% of users in a relationship. But maybe its for the best, not just morally but from a business point of a view. I am sure most people don’t want to date somebody in a relationship; so users may flock over to Hinge to find an honest partner..

Beware players, hinge has you numbered.

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