Care home residents can now receive updates from relatives through Social Media


The power of Social Media is truly an incredible thing.

Social Media dictates communication of the modern era, platforms such as Facebook & Twitter has changed to ball game of how we act and communicate with one another.

Some say Social Media has destroyed our communication skills as more and more people are becoming anti-social and only being able to communicate online. Is there any truth to this?
Possibly. Arguments can be put two ways; one being social media gives people who would have never spoken a voice & the second being virtual communication worsens our communication skills.

Whatever your opinion on the matter may be, this new service is most certainly a positive.


The EventsTag care home initiative involves installing a screen into communal spaces in care homes. Then through Social Media relatives & friends are able to send pictures, messages and even videos to their loved ones.

Here at WeBuyAnyElectronics we think this is as brilliant idea because not only does it broaden communication between the two parties, but it teaches elderly people to become more savvy with Tech.

If you want love interactive, fun Social Media pages then be sure to check us out on Facebook & Twitter.


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