Breathalyser phone case to stop drink driving?


NO more excuses.

Thanks to an incredibly successful kick starter campaign a company called Nexpaq managed to smash their target of $50,000 dollars to create the worlds first breathalyser phone case!

 It comes to no surprise to us at WeBuyAnyElectronics that this idea well exceeded its target raising an impressive $78,999 with 25 days to go on kick starter because not only is it a creative idea, its practical.

There are millions of products & ideas which are practical but lack innovation or creativity to be able to BOOM in the way this has. Just like how there are millions of products & ideas which are amazingly creative but they lack any practical values.


Lets face it, some people will drink drive no matter what. Some people have no consideration for other people and will drive drunk for their own convenience not taking into account the potential danger they’re putting upon others.

However, some people after drinking alcohol do not fully feel the effects and do not recognise how slowed down their reaction speed has become. This phone case could be just what they need to wake them up & bring realisation that they’re in fact unable to drive.

Even if people decide not to drive for the risk for being caught & charged rather than ethical reasons; at least they’re of the roads.

On a brighter, less pessimistic note. Anyone who buys this phone case obviously does not want to drink drive but maybe at times have done not realising the amount of alcohol they have consumed.

Whatever happens this is a step forward towards removing drink drivers of the road; even if only prevents drink driving by 1% that is still improvement and more lives saved.

As always thank you for reading our not very professional but personal Blog

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