Facebook have gone & done it again..


So some genius has decided to ‘improve’ our Facebook experience once again.. What is it this time?

Facebook has decided to make the Facebook experience more ‘dynamic’ for the purpose of beating their rivals.

The ‘Genius’ idea is set to change the notification system so that, wait for it.. YOU RECEIVE MORE NOTIFICATIONS! One thing I must give Facebook credit for is giving their users what they want. First the intrusive timeline, then taking away our privacy & handing it over to advertisers but now they have really cracked it with more notifications. facebook-notifications

Before we received notifications from likes, comments, shares etc.. But now we will receive a notification if one of our friends is eating in a restaurant near us.

Not only do I think this will be incredibly annoying due to the constant buzzing of my phone due to constant notifications, but I also see this as an invasion of privacy. But that is not the only new reason we will be getting notifications; read the list below to see for yourselves..

  • Birthdays – Your cousin, your second cousin twice removed and that guy you met in Freshers week.
  • Life Events – A list of events from your friends that were published today, happened today or happened recently.
  • Events – The usual suspects: house warming parties, friends’ pub gigs and charity firewalking.
  • Nearby Places – Restaurants and bars in your area. This will only work if location services is turned on.
  • Trending Topics – Much like Twitter trends but for Facebook.
  • News Shared Locally – Viral stories making the rounds in your area.
  • Today in the Past – Showing status updates and photos from you’re not-too-distant past. Cue cringe.
  • Nearby Friends – This only works if you have enabled the feature on your mobile.

Now what we’re all thinking..


What are your views on the update, good, bad or terrible?

As always thank you for reading our not very professional but personal Blog.

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