Drones to help aid relief in Nepal


Drones have been deployed to help aid relief in Nepal; This is following the country being hit my a 7.8-magnitude last week which led to widespread destruction.

The drones will be used to fly above the destruction & allow aid workers to get a birds eye view of what destruction lies below. This will help aid workers see where their help is most needed & to be able to spot people in need of being freed from the wreckage.

drone 2Technology such as the drone is very effective in a situation of crisis such as this; because not only does it help spot where help is needed but it is a lot more cost effective. If you were to compare the space & price between 10 drones in comparison to 10 helicopters; the difference is huge.

The money saved using drones can be now put forward to help in other ways. Such as food & water, machinery to remove the rubble or even to be able to build up a foundation once again when this is all over.

We must remember in a crisis a severe as this, it is important to do everything that we can to help. Not just when it first happens, but after the rubble has been cleared.

It does not stop at saving a life- We must help re-build their lives.

Please donate whatever you can to a registered charity such as the British Red Cross.

Click the Links below to donate.



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