Apple Explodes in China


We all know China love their tech, so any tech company would obviously see China as the ideal market to push their product; but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the incredible sales results produced from China in the last quarter..c3

To be exact revenue in China has risen by 71% to $16.82Bn which is almost as high as the revenue made in the Americas region which was $21.3Bn which is also up by 19%.

These statistics show that if Apple’s revenue in China continue to grow at this rate they will soon become Apple’s largest market; this was foreshadowed by Tim Cook earlier this year.

Apple are already global tech giants but know with the domination of China its looks like there will be no stopping them. Hate or love them you must respect their incredible marketing techniques; China is a country with more people coming into the middle class then any other country & Tim Cook noticed this fluctuation before it happened & has taken full advantage. He even has been quoted saying “I’ve never seen as many people coming into the middle class as I have in China and that is where the bulk of our sales are going,”

Apple attacked the Chinese market with opening many retailers & hugely expanding their online presence within the region.

Tim Cook also bragged “It is hard to find something not to like in our numbers”. Like it or not, he is right; Apple has full bragging rights as their figures far surpass the competition.. In addition Tim Cook has said that right now demand is higher than supply so they’re currently playing catch up. That must be the ultimate kick in the crutch for all businesses trying to push out stock..

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